Gunderson Corporation

'''Gunderson Corporation''' was a AA megacorporation that held a virtual stranglehold over the city of Miami in the Sovereign State of Florida.  They were a diversified company that focused on manufacturing, shipping, and security personnel. Its subsidiaries included TransSea (shipping division), Atlantic Security, and Montclair Industries (specializing in prototype drones).

Due to the efforts of a certain Art Dankwalther in 2061, Gunderson Corporation fell from its AA status, becoming a shell of its former self.  Dankwalther bought out most of TransSea's clients, causing its business to virtually vanish.  To keep afloat, Gunderson had to sell off Montclair Industries (sold to Global Oil) and TransSea (sold to Wuxing).  It currently claims less than 30 percent of its original assets, with a rapidly weakening grip on its headquarters in Miami.

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