A '''grendel''' is an ork (or ork variant) infected with Human Meta-Human Vampiric Virus.

Grendel was the first time in 2070 in Pittsburgh / UCAS discovered and documented. 1 

==Physical Appearance==
Grendel have - compared to uninfected Orcs - a stronger, usually matted head facial and body hair, which may be called a coat on, the tusks appear more prominent and they have greatly extended arms.  When they move on all fours instead of just their hind legs, they move at an amazing speed. 

Grendel live, if known, in the cellars of abandoned buildings, abandoned subway tunnels and other tunnels and sewers, which is probably due to their sunlight allergy.  They also have, in addition to all orcs own ability to see in low light, and have infrared view.  They are solitary scavengers who - according to previous observations - rarely live together in intimate relationships.  Grendel mainly feed on dead animals, but consume anything that even begins to appear edible, and also despise (meta) human not meat. 

==MMVV infection==
The average duration of a transformation orcs after infection with MMVV-II is 18 days

==SR3 statistics==
{{ApocryphalPatrick Goodman}}

===Grendel=== {="text-aligncenter; background;" !style="width2em;"!style="width3em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width2em;"!style="width3em;"(×3) /4 +1D6 |} '''Attacks''' Humanoid, +1 Reach '''Powers''' Animal Control (Subterranean Critters), Enhanced Senses (Low-Light Vision, Smell, Thermographic Vision). Pestilence (HMHVV-2). '''Weaknesses''' Allergy (Sunlight, Mild) '''Notes''' Running multiplier on all fours is ×4. Charisma score is only used in relation to its Animal Control power.
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