Green Lucifer

'''FileNpc_elfmale_greenlucifer.pngGreen Lucifer''' previously known as Alejandro Kylisearn, is a Tir Tairngire outcast who quickly rose to power in the Ancients by assasinating their leader Wasp in a battle with the Meat Junkies.

Green Lucifer is renown for settling personal feuds in duels with swords and is an expert fencer.

The Shadowrunner Wolfgang Kies broke his nose because of his arrogance and inacceptable behaviour during a diplomatic meeting with the gang leader which he attended in the name of Dr. Richard Raven, who worked hard to stop an escalating turf war.

Green Lucifer led the Seattle Ancients in a hazard game with Ares Macrotechnology, to get his hands on a lot of military weaponry for the gang's permanent war with the Spikes. During this operation he and his fellow gangers were involved into the first run of Kellan Colt in Seattle.

==The Truth behind==
Kylisearn has a hidden agenda and plans to use the Ancients to enact revenge on those who had him exiled from Tir Tairngire. He was betrayed by fellow elves of prominence in the Tir when they exposed certain plots to the High Prince. Green Lucifer is secretly a mage but will hide this and the reason for his exile with fervor. He sports a green mohawk because of his gang name that he also secretly dislikes.

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*SourceBorn to Run*SourceWolf and Raven"No Sharper Spur."

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