Grant Miller

'''Name''' Grant Miller

'''Aliases''' Alan, Crazy Ivan

'''Race''' Dwarf

'''Awakened''' Adept

'''B'''4 '''Q'''5 '''S'''4 '''C'''4 '''I'''6 '''W'''5 '''Ess'''6.00 '''Mag'''6 '''Rea'''5(9)


'''PoolsCombat/Karma''' 8/2

'''Adept Abilities''' Increased Reflexes Lvl. 2; Suspend State; Low-Light Vision; Magnification; Improved Scent; Improved Athletics; Combat Sense Lvl. 1

'''Active Skills''' Electronics5 Demolitions7 SMGs4 Unarmed Combat3 Throwing Weapons(Grenades)2(5) Athletics45 Stealth5 Etiquette(Street)4(7) Negotiation(Fast Talk)3(6) Bike3 Electronics B/R5 Demolotions B/R4 SMG B/R2

'''Knowledge Skills''' Demolitions B/G6 Paranormal Animals3 Architecture(Structural Stability)5(7) Improvised Explosives4 Chemistry4 Physics3 Modern Art3 20th Century Movies4

'''Language Skills''' EnglishR/W52 RussianR/W31

'''On-Person Gear'''
HK-227S(shock pads)
Ex-Ex clip x1
Normal clip x3
Micro Tranceiver R5(encryption R4)
1/4 Kilo C4
Timer Detonator x3
Flash Bang(dual charge flash/concussion grenade) x2
Demolitions Kit(stripped down; +2 conc./+1 TN up to +2)
Electronics Kit(stripped down; see above)
Lined Duster 4/2

'''Stored Gear'''
Safe w/ Maglock R4
20 kilos C12
25 kilos C6
20 kilos C4
Extra ammo
Lined Duster(spare) x2
Demolitions Kit
Electronics Kit

Grant is a member of the «Red Hot Nukes», a gang that only accepts Dwarf adepts, and trains all of its members to be demolitionists. He often hires himself out as a DemoMan to different Shadowrunning teams, and has some good connections within the gang for acquiring explosives for others. He runs each assignment past the gang's leader Grinder before acceptinga job. He has contacts among several Seattle-based Shadowrunning groups, and can act as a fixer for certain situations.

'''OOC Notes'''
I used Grant as a hireable DemoMan until a new player decided to play a demolitionist. Grant's best friend is another runner named Adamska, who is based on the Metal Gear Solid character. Grant tends to be very outgoing, he needs to let loose the stress that builds up working with bombs. He will get twitchy if he doesn't get a chance to let loose every few days.
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