Grace Friel

'''Grace Friel''', also known as '''Gracie''', is on the board of trustees for the Draco Foundation and is known as a top-notch decker. She is described as a tall and slender human with gold-white hair and bright blue eyes, favoring deep grens and silvers for clothing, and doesn't wear synthleather for some reason. She is rumored to have a sixth finger on her left hand and to be one of the faerie or otaku or even a Free Spirit. Supposedly, no one has ever seen her eat or drink, and apparently her masked aura cannot be assensed unless she wishes it. She hails from Edinburgh, Scotland, but originally was from Tír na nÓg, which see emigrated out of in 2035 when Ireland became the Tír.

On the Matrix, she is known for two things. Her calling card is a small flashing neon-sign that says "Say goodnight, Gracie!" She is also known for her uncanny ability to find anyone, anywhere in the Matrix.

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