Gorilla Spirit Mentor (Shaman Totem)

== Description ==
The Gorilla is a proud and furious beast, one that many shamans revere. Its strength is astounding but his leadership is awe inspiring. The Alpha male does what is necessary to defend his herd and fend off challengers trying to take his place. Massive creatures of gargantuan size, they come and go quietly but with a presence of authority and mysticism. The spirit of the Gorilla was released long ago by accidental timber cutting in an unknown jungle, and since then he has been gathering followers from all corners of the earth. Many find Gorilla shamans to be calm and caring, but dangerous in combat. They have been known to defend their pride through combat at even the slightest of insults towards them, with a rage that would make even a bear shaman blush. In recent years the Gorilla shamans have moved from jungles of thick trees and leaves to a more concrete setting. The Urban jungle has seen an influx of them, their presence felt everywhere they go.

=== Advantages ===
+2 Dice for Combat Spells

+2 Dice for Leadership (Active Skill) or Unarmed Combat (Active Skill)

=== Disadvantages ===
Can only be taken by vegetarians

Must make a (Willpower+Intuition) Test (Target Number 4 Hits) whenever insulted.