Gold Coast

* 4000 W. Flamingo Road
* Hotel/Casino (no bias), 700 rooms.

== Description ==
The '''Gold Coast''' is truly an entertainment getaway for the whole family. Just one mile west of the Strip, the recently remodeled hotel is a delightful departure from some of the larger Las Vegas hotels. 
There's something for every appetite at the Gold Coast. A virtual buffet of top-shelf restaurants delivers high-quality food at popular prices, and a 70-lane bowling center provides hours of carefree fun. 

For non-stop enjoyment, coast on over to the Gold Coast.

''»This casino is a real loser. Lower class families and low-rollers mostly... the place to go if you want a vacation in Vegas on a budget. Still, this is a great place to lay low if you have heat coming for you from multiple locations.«''
— Glitterfoot (021812/12-23-51) ''»This place has the BEST cheap buffet in Vegas. Sure, half the food is soy, but it's all so wonderful. I had to vow not to come back here for 6 months after I gained 50 pounds from eating there... I still haven't lost that last 5 pounds.«''
— BunkerThrill (112243/11-11-56) {{Sixth World Wiki}} CategoryLocations CategoryLocations (North America) CategoryLocations (NAN) CategoryLocations (Ute Nation) CategoryLocations (PCC) CategoryLocations (Las Vegas)