Goggles Pazzuli


Name '''Goggles Pazzuli'''
Archetype Scientist
Race Human
Sex Male
Height 5'9" cm
Weight 160 kg
Eyes cobalt blue
Hair iridescent white (slight glow)
Birth June 7, 2030, Seattle

Body 3
Quickness 2
Strength 3
Charisma 4
Intelligence 8
Willpower 5
Essence 2.80
BioIndex 1.4
Reaction 5
Init 1d6+5
Run Mult 3

Combat 7
Task 3

-A befuddled scientist whose brilliance is rivalled by his quirkiness. Quite often creates the most incredible
useless gadgets.
-Goggles is a born native of Seattle.
-Has an ork brother who disappeared years ago.
-Goggles is a cross between carrot top and the eccentric Doc Brown from back to the future
-Goggles dresses in leather pants and jacket because he is always dealing with flammables and welding.
-Extremely intelligent, but cannot hold a conversation for more than 15 seconds. Zones out when working.
-Skills, Attributes, And Resources
-Older Ork brother was a mechanic, and they used to jack cars together.
-University doctorate in aeronautic engineering
-Amassed gear and money to fund things from years of collecting and selling small useful but strange
-Lives in a large factory facility, with many scattered husks of cars and machines scattered about..
-Dislikes guns, violence and power players.
-Complete pacifist
-Passion to invent more and more
-Technology and creativity is important for the soul.
-Goggles is very befuddled, rushed and hyper.

'''Edges & Flaws'''
SRGUnusual Hair (Major)->Really bright white glowing hair. -1tn to perception +1 tn stealth -2
Dossier on File -4
Total Pacifist2 -5
Oblivious -2
Combat Paralysis -4
Connected Lev 2->electronics 5
Technical School Education 1
Exceptional Attribute(INT) 2
Aptitude->electronics b/r 4
Connected Lev 2->vehicles 5

Active Skills
Armor B/R 6
Athletics 2
Biotech 2
Car 2
Car B/R 5
Computer 5
Computer B/R 6
Electronics 6
Electronics B/R 6
Etiquette 3
Stealth 2
Vector thrust Aircraft B/R 5

Knowledge Skills
Biotech 2
Classical Music 3
Electronics 6
Engineering 6
Japanese Culture 3
Miltech Manufacturers 3
Negotiation 3
Pirate Trid Broadcasters 4
Scrounging 6
Seattle Junkyards 6
Security Devices 3

English 5
English (RW) 2
German 4
German (RW) 2
Japanese 3
Japanese (RW) 1
Salish 1

Bonus Skills
Math (6)
Chemistry (8)

Cerebral Booster2
Mnemonic Enhanc.3 +1 die Memory and Language tests, +1 die Knowledge Skills, -1 Karma cost to learn/improve skills, +3TN default to INT for Knowledge Skills, +3 to all language skills.
Datajack E0.20
Eyes, Cyber Replacement E0.20
+ Eyes, Vis Mag Opt3 E0.20
+ Eyes, Low-Light E0.20
+ Eyes, Flare Comp E0.10
Math SPU 3 E0.20 +3 Hacking Pool, Complementary Math Skill (6), stopwatch, alarm clock, chronometer
Chipjack, Multi-slot 4 E0.35
Expert Chipjack Dvr 3 E0.30 +3 Pool for Skillsofts
Knowsoft Link E0.10
Orientation System E0.25
Chem. Analyzer E0.20
Gas Spectrometer E0.20
+Built in Program 6 E0.00 + Chemistry Skill of 8
+External Program 6 E0.00
Encephalon 2(A) E1.20 mm.20|+2 Hacking Pool, +2 Task Pool, +2Int for learning new skills

Electronic Facility
Vehicle Facility
Bio-Monitor @sr3.304 1
Wrist Computer (100Mp)
Fuchi I-C-U Autocam Controller
Satellite Link Rating
Sensitive Tracker (5x) 6
Jammer Lv 6
Dataline Scanner Lv 6
Bug Scanner Lv 9
BRL-3014 Window Trembler 6
Air Filter 9
Chemsuit Lv 8
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