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The '''Goblin''' is a dwarf or Metahumanity infected with HMHVV. Victims of the disease lose most of their hair and body fat, becoming skeletally emaciated. Like other Metahumanity, goblins gain enhanced smell and taste, chronic essence loss, and rapid regeneration, though they lack the usual immunities of Metahumanity—substituting them with an invulnerability to fire, a mild sunlight allergy and a vulnerability to iron. The goblin diet largely consists of raw meat—presumably the method by which they drain the essence of others. Goblins are also capable of spreading their infection to others, though their preference for dead prey tends to preclude this in many cases. Goblin sentience is still a debated topic among most of the parabiological establishment, as most observed specimens have suffered a significant loss of intellect, with many individuals seeming to be no more intelligent than the great apes. The UN Committee on Awakened Sapience has thus far declined to make a definitive ruling, though most nations have already legislated various protections in order to avoid any future embarrassments should the ruling come out in favor of classifying goblins as sentients.


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