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'''Glow City''' is an irradiated area in Redmond, Seattle, created by the partial meltdown of the NPP Trojan-Satsop in 2013.

Shiawase Corporation built a new power plant beside the old one in 2028. This new plant is the primary source of power for the entire Seattle'Plex.

After the Crash Virus of 2029, desperate squatters started to move into the area. Initially, the city attempted to remove them, but after it proved fruitless, the squatters were permitted to stay. The population surged once the city stopped removing the SINless despite the hazards. 

Living in an irradiated alienation zone comes with its hazards, cancer and acute radiation sickness being the most common cause of non-violent death. The infant mortality rate is also astronomical as are mutations from the radiation.

Magic in the area is extremely restricted, most shaman are almost  completely unable to summon spirits due to the contamination of the ground. Rumours of a radiation shaman living in the husks of the old reactor are floating around Jackpoint.

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