Gila Demon

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''Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America''
The '''Gila Demon''' (''Heloderma diabolis'') is the Awakened version of the gila monster lizard (''Heloderma suspectum'').  It has a similar coloration to the gila monster, but it can grow up to 1.7 meters in length.

The gila demon is a solitary omnivore, and can eat almost anything from insects and small mammals to berries and roots. It is fast for its size, and can dig rapidly. It seems to be active around the clock, although they spend most days basking in the sun.  Gila demons will not usually attack a creature its own size unless it feels threatened.

There is no known antidote to its venom.  Some gila demons are rumored to be able to spit their venom.  It possesses acute senses of hearing and smell.  The gila demon can be found throughout the deserts of the Southwest in North America.
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