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'''Ghostwalker''' is the most recent Great Dragon to come into the spotlight of the Sixth World. He is a Western Dragon with scales colored in pale ivory with blue highlights. In his metahuman form, he prefers a tall male human with white hair. Ghostwalker has claimed all of the city of Denver as his domain. His translator is young male ork by the name of Nicholas Whitebird.

Ghostwalker has a remarkable affinity for spirits, and seems to be accompanied by them at all times. During his attacks on Denver, he was reportedly seen destroying certain powerful spirits throughout individual areas in Denver. Though he disappeared into the Watergate Rift in July 2073, Ghostwalker returned in the summer of 2074 during the opening ceremony of the Third Treaty of Denver Summit where he made his power and presence immediately known to all as he publicly assumed control of Denver once again.

The immortal elf Harlequin has declared a blood feud with Ghostwalker due to the great dragon's action at the Rift apparently causing the death of Harlequin's dear friend, Aina Dupree.

Note In the Earthdawn Shadowrun crossover, it seems that final evidence is the Ghostwalker is Icewing from Earthdawn. Icewing was the brother of Mountainshadow. It's pretty well believed and supported that Mountainshadow is Dunkelzahn in Shadowrun, as he had a voice named Black Fang and Dunkelzahn is literally "dark tooth" in translation. The position that Icewing is Ghostwalker is also supported even more when compared to the Earthdawn source book "The Book of Dragons", where in it states of Icewing "''His primary Interests are in the creation and propagation of drakes as well as summoning and communicating with spirits of every hue. His skill with the spirit kind is unsurpassed among our folk." (P. 74)''

== History ==
Ghostwalker first appeared in his astral form on December 24, 2061 from the astral rift in Washington, D.C. over the site of Dunkelzahn's assassination. He immediately flew to Denver, somehow picking up his body along the way, with a veritable army of spirits, and launched a month-long campaign of attacks against the city, focusing on the Aztlan district. In January 2062, Ghostwalker met with the Council of Denver and assumed control of the Front Range Free Zone. Aztlan was forced out by CAS troops, who seized the Aztlan sector. He created the Zone Defense Force to defend his new empire.

== Relationship with other Dragons ==
Ghostwalker appears to be on good terms with Hestaby, Hualpa, and Masaru. The other dragons in Denver at the time either left or are now allies with Ghostwalker, including the dragon Perianwyr. The only great dragon Ghostwalker seems to show overt hostility to is Lofwyr.

The relationship between Ghostwalker and the late Dunkelzahn is that of clutchlings. During the last great age of dragons, in Earthdawn times (The Fourth World), they were of the last clutch of All-Wings, the Pinnacle of female dragonhood, who unlike most dragons raised her young herself.

Even stranger is the relationship between Ghostwalker and the Draco Foundation. Apparently, Nadja Daviar and Aina Dupree were in the city of Denver shortly before Ghostwalker's appearance, and they had some sort of private discussion. The outcome of the discussion is unknown, but there has been an air of cooperation and neutrality since then.


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