Ghede Fly

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''Picture from Paranormal Animals of Europe''
The '''Ghede Fly''' (''Culex pestilans'') lives near marshes, swamps and other bodies of stagnant waters. While the male of the species feeds on plant nectar, but the female tends to feed on metahuman blood, especially during the period when they are maturing their eggs before being laid.

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The year is 2031, everything is changing... sometimes for the good of the world, sometimes for the good of a single man. And yet, during this time, life goes on. Well, for most anyway...

The scorching heat of the rain forest had finally ceased again, beaten back by the darkness, not to return until the sun melted the moon from the sky. Chanting, calling upon unseen forces, for a purpose known to only a few, many shamans were there that day. Mana flaring through astral space was visible sometimes even to those cursed fraggers know to polite society as 'Mundanes'. Through all of this, a child was born to a young girl. Was she there by her own will? With what intent? Or was she simply passing by and this is where she was forced to stop? Too few doors are open at this current juncture in time, too few know the truth.

This male child was taken from the girl. The girl was dying. The background count and the child were too much for her, but, by force of will, or luck (weather good or bad) she managed to bare her child. As she died, she saw the child's aura glowing brighter than the brightest of the enchantments being prepared, brighter than the sun itself. She saw a spark of fire in her child's eyes before she could no longer hold her spirit within her body... and there she died, and was buried, where she remains to this day... 

The child was taken by one of the shamans; something had happened that I, to this very day, cannot explain. The child had awakened. This child was born with the power of the mighty Phoenix rushing through his veins. Awakened. Though his eyes were not yet functional, he could see all that was around him, seeing the other plane as one sees the mundane world. 

My name is Nightshade. And this is my story....

For the next eleven years, I was raised in the small Amazonian town of Fogo Pássaro. There i was trained in the ways of the olden times, as well as the new arts. I excelled in everything i did, using my magical abilities to aid my learning of those mundane. I was able to focus my magical power into all aspects of life. There I lived quietly and peacefully. I was unaware, however, of the true reason that I had been taken to that small town. I was being hidden. Hidden until the time that I could prove useful to those who spin the threads of fate that govern this world. On a cool night in the mid-winter of 2042, the village of Fogo Pássaro was attacked by Aztlan forces. They were searching for me. The whole village was slaughtered on that night. I do not know of a worse feeling that to wake up in the morning only to find that everything that you have ever know, everyone that you had ever loved had been destroyed, as a Troll carelessly stepping on an anthill. How they did not find me, I will never know. The powers that be spared my life on that night, to the everlasting regret of those poor Aztlan fraggers. 

That day, I vowed that I would not rest until the people of Aztlan had been freed from the evil which was ever encompassing them. The perversion of magic and the Astral Realm, the subjugation of any that resist, these are things that cannot be allowed to continue. 

I started traveling that day, and soon, found my way to what once was the city of Boa Vista in Northern Amazonia. There, I enlisted my support to the freedom fighters of Amazonia. They were reluctant, and mocked my for being so young. As I was about to leave, fate again showed its hand. As it would happen, a mage from the 37th Para-Division had just return to report news of the raiding that had happened in the weeks prior. This man, Captain Peran Vonista, pulled me aside, and started talking to me about things in the astral Realm. He was amazed that I could see such things at my age, and, when I told him "This has always been so," he looked shocked. I now know that such things do not happen, a boy being born Awakened, that's absurd. But, Absurdity is the way of the times I suppose.

I trained under Captain Vonista for the next 6 years, learning, honing my skills. I participated in many raids of Azlan territory. At the age of 17, I was as fast, as strong, and as skilled as any man. Over the next year, we helped hold back the advances of Azlan by furthering out reach into Venezuela and Colombia. The last mission of Squad 4 of the 37th Para-Division happened on April 17, 2048.

Our division received word from scouts that there were Azlan troops moving in from the north. My Squad consisted of 5 members. Myself; our gunner, a Troll by the name of Zarak; a Free Jungle spirit that goes by the name of Delirium; A mage, a beautiful Elven woman called Martal; and a Leopard named Siris. It was an ambush. There were hundreds of them, and they knew full well that Amazonians are known to stand back up and keep fighting when they die. Less than half of their troops lived through that encounter. The Aztlan military will always remember that day. However, My whole squad, however, died that night. Myself included. After taking that many rounds, I can't even begin to imagine why or how I am here telling you this story. All that i can say, is that the one called Fate must still have plans for me. Again, everyone that i knew and loved was destroyed. May the children of Azlan be smashed against the rocks in the coming torrent. 

I have since moved to Seattle, UCAS. I am a Shadowrunner. I do not exist. I leave you with this message

To all those who would ally themselves with the perverse tyrants know as the nation of Aztlan, I tell you this. Watch where you walk, where you sleep, I know who you are. I am called Nightshade. I am the poison which will soon burn through your veins. You will be torn apart from within. I know where you walk. I know where you sleep. I am the dark alley you walk past on your way to work. I am the whisper that you convince yourself you didn't hear. I am the shadow that moves past your window. And, I will destroy you until you are but a memory in the back of the minds of the free peoples of the world.