Genetic Engineering

'''Genetic Engineering''' is also known as '''Genetech''' or '''Gengineering''', and deals with the manipulation and research into the very thread of life, DNA.  Genetic Engineering has always been a hot research field since its conception in the late 1960s, and the technology of the Sixth World has made what was once theoretical and scientific work into several real-world applications.  Nanotechnology, Retroviral vectors, and Recombinant DNA, along with limited cloning, have produced many advances such as cloned organs, hardier plant and animal breeds, and the cure for many diseases.  With progress comes many ethical questions, of which Genetics tends to ride the razor's edge.

The Awakened world has provided yet another wrinkle in Genetics research, with the expression of metagenes.  The genetic influence of DNA to express Awakened creatures and metahumans, as well as the elusive "magic" gene, is possibly the hottest area in genetics in the Sixth World.

== Top Tier ==
* Universal Omnitech/Aztechnology - The top players by far in the field of genetech, Universal Omnitech has the top scientists, the bleeding edge research, and the complete and utter lack of scientific morals to go with it.  Their partnership with Aztechnology, who provides them with capital and marketing, allows them to pursue genetech unfettered by the need to mass-produce a product.
* Shiawase - Shiawase is the undisputed leader in the biotechnology field, and that extends to their genetech.  Led by Etsu Powicke, the Biotech division produces refined and productive examples of genetech.  Their Envirotech division is a leader in agricultural genetics as well.
* Yamatetsu/PensoDyne - Yamatetsu is the leader in cybertechnology and implants, and their genetech research reflects this bias.  They are also industry leaders in the hotly contested metagenetics field, and are making strides close to the research of UniOmni.
== Other Players ==
* Cross Applied Technologies - Cross Biomedical is nothing special, but they are young, hungry, and aggressive.  They have a focus on neurological and developmental genetics.
* Tan Tien - Tan Tien tends to subcontract work from other corporations, building a reputation as a workhorse in researching topics that other corporations have no capital or interest to invest in.  Their researchers are remarkably innovative.
* Proteus AG - Proteus is the dominant player in the environmental genetics department, developing genetic enhancements for metahumans to thrive in hostile environments.  They also do some pollution-control engineering, creating bacteria and genetically modified animals that clean up polluted environments.
* Saeder-Krupp - S-K has its fingers in all pies, and that includes genetics.  Most of its research is focused on the elusive "magic" gene and metagenetics.
* Biogene/Yakashima - Under controversy for unethical practices, Biogene appears to focus on applied genetech in the Bioware market.  Rumor has it that they are working on the synthetic flesh for ghouls to win the bequest in Dunkelzahn's Will. Also, there are rumors of proscribed gene warfare agents being developed by Biogene/Yakashima.
* AG Chemie Europa - The European chemical conglomerate focuses mostly on medical and pharmaceutical genetech.
* Monobe International - They have a Designer Genes subsidiary, which focuses on eugenics and metahuman genetic enhancement.  Their acquisitions in the wake of Fuchi's collapse gives them a solid boost to be a main contender in genetech.

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