Garret Sweetwater

{'''Name''' Garret Sweetwater '''Metatype''' Human '''Archetype''' Thief Adept


Body '''Special Stats'''

Edge '''Qualities'''

'''Positive''' Adept.

'''Negative''' Allergy (Sunlight, Mild).


'''Active Skills''' Clubs (Batons) 3(+2), Dodge 2, Pistols (Tasers) 3(+2), Throwing Weapons (Grenades) 2(+2), Climbing 3, Escape Artist 3, Infiltration (Urban) 5(+2), Palming 4, Perception 4, Ettiquette (Steeet) 2(+2), Negotiation (Bargaining) 1(+2), Hardware (Maglocks) 3(+2), Locksmith 3.

'''Knowledge Skills''' Corporate Security Procedures 4, Security Systems 4, Fine Wines 3, Safehouses 4, Seattle Museums 4.

'''Language Skills''' English (N), French 3, Japanese 2

'''Adept Powers''' Enhanced Perception 3, Improved Ability (Climbing) 3, Improved Ability (Infiltration) 4, Improved Ability (Palming) 4, Improved Ability (Clubs)) 2, Improved Senses (Thermographic Vision and Direction).



(Name) (type) (Damage) (AP) (Mode or Reach) (Notes)

Ares Predator '''Armor'''

Chameleon Suit 6/4

Armor Vest 6/4

'''Gear''' Novatech Airware Commlink (w/Iris Orb OS, AR Gloves and Subvocal Microphone), Tag Eraser, White Noise Generator (5), 2 Fake SINs (3), 2 Fake Licenses (Raecor Sting) (3), Hardware Kit, Glasses (w/Low Light, Image Link, Flare Compensation and Smartlink), Earbuds, Keycard Copier (6), Autopicker (6), Lockpick Set, Maglock Passkey (4), Monofilament Chainsaw, Wire Clippers, Sequencer (4), Gecko Tape Gloves, Rappeling Gloves, Grapple Gun w/Microwire Rope, Low Lifestyle (5 months)


Fence (Connection 3/Loyalty 3)

Fixer (Connection 4/Loyalty 2)

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CategoryPeople (Crime)