Gareth Moore

Gareth Moore – A.K.A. Baskerville, Ork Dog Shaman

Strength 4 Body 6 Agility 3 Reaction 2 Charisma 4 Intuition 4 Logic 1 Willpower 5
Essence 6 Magic 6 Initiative 8 Edge 3

Summoning 6 (Specialized in Spirits of Man) Banishing 4 Binding 4 (specialized in Spirits of Man) Infiltration 2 Ettiquette 1 Leadership 1 Con 1 Negotiate 1 Spellcasting 2 Counterspelling 2 Ritual Spellcasting 2 Archery 1 Pilot Exotic Horses 1

Language English N Language French 3 Knowledge Fox Hunting 3 Knowledge Conspiracy Theories 3 Knowledge Aristocratic Lineages 3 Knowledge British Cuisine 3

Equipment of Note Rating 6 Lodge, 5 Rating 6 Ritual Conjuring Materials, An Antique Bow, An Expensive Suit (5/3 Armor), High Lifestyle, A Horse, 4 Purebred Irish Wolfhounds, A force 2 Binding Focus, A '67 Bentley Oblige (Red with Silver Trim)

Stunball, Analyze Device, Clairvoyance, Heal

Special Qualities Magician, Mentor Spirit List of Totems / Mentor Spirits, Sensitive System, Astral Beacon

Gareth Moore is a British Aristocrat who firmly believes that the current crop of royals, and the Pendragon, and most major corporations, are all part of a massive conspiracy to destroy old fashioned values. Moore's loyalty to an old and idealized way of doing things is sincere and extreme – to the point that he is willing to kill potentially large numbers of people in order to make sure that the right sort of people control England.

Moore as a Villain
Baskerville is intended to take on an entire starting team of shadowrunners by himself, and he is quite capable of doing that. When summoning a Spirit of Man, he rolls a not inconsiderable 14 dice, which rather routinely successfully summons a Force 11 Spirit. This in turn causes him to suffer physical drain, but he has bound force 6 Spirits of Man who can cast the Heal spell (with 18 dice if they flush one of their 6 edge points, which they do). If Moore becomes aware of the PCs attempting to thwart his latest and greatest plan, he will send a Force 8 Spirit of Man on a remote service to get them. If that proves insufficient, he will up the ante, using larger and larger spirits until he is silenced or the team is destroyed. Most of Moore's equipment is rather useless to the team, and the House of Lords will cover up any evidence of his wrongdoing (possibly even blaming the team who stopped him), but who would turn their back on a Force 2 Binding Focus?

Moore's Bound Spirits are Force 6, and generally have a lot of services. Moore rolls 16 dice when binding a spirit of man, and he rebinds each spirit once. It is safe to assume that Baskerville will never run out of services on any of his spirits during the course of the adventure. Moore's spirits can be given Analyze Device as an innate spell, and at any given time at least one of them has it. This means that while Baskerville has no technical know-how to speak of, he can enact plans which require technical skills. Sabotaging planes or chemical refineries to get rid of “The wrong Kind of People” is certainly not outside of his capabilities or modus operendi. CategoryPeople in the United Kingdom CategoryOrks CategoryShamans CategoryCharacters with 4E stats