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According to the "secrets of power" trilogy that datajack is a fake

QUOTE"She stripped off the bogus speech synthesizer, scratching at the itch the adhesive raised, then groomed her mane smooth."

But since I am quite new to shadowrun I didnt want to change anything just yet, in case there is conflicting information i am not aware of, or this not being part of the canon or whatver. Especially since 3 other shadowrun wikis I consulted all seem to imply it is real, like the wiki here does. What do ?   Feyn137

Hmmm, the quote talks about a speech synthesizer, not a datajack? I think those are two dfferent items. UserPiotrus (User talkPiotrus) 1909, January 22, 2014 (UTC)

After doing some additional research, I made some more discoveries about he. First about the datajack/speechsynthesizer,  afaik they are both the same thing, the datajack is a custom jobmade specially for her so she can talk normally. Well, she claims it would,that is. One page before she explains this to Twist (Sam Verner).
QUOTE" My, my, we are parochial. We sasquatch were certified as a sentient species by the United Nations Advisory Council on Metahumanity in 2042. That august body did not find our inability to use Human languages to be a barrier, and our delegates still did not have even the Perkins-Athabascan sign language to rely on. Since then, some of us have taken advantage of the benefits of technology.” She pulled back the mane-like fur around her head to reveal a gleaming datajack. A permanent skillsoft cap protruded and a pair of wires lay against her dark skin and burrowed through the fur in the direction of her neck. “It’s a custom job. A Renraku speech synthesizer linked to a Mitsuhama expert system capable of translation between symbolic concept and verbal expression. The software has got an idiom-handling subprogram that’s a bit idiosyncratic, but it does help smooth out the rough spots. Still, I think that it’s much more socially acceptable to say ‘Pass the vegetables’ instead of ‘Me food want.’ Don’t you agree?"

I am not sure if the whole datajack is fake, but it sure sounds like this. But why should she fake it if she can talk ? I suspect she isn't really a sasquatch, but a wendigo. There are quite a few reasons for this suspicion(all QUOTES are from this wiki)

1. In the first part of the secrets of power trilogy we meet another wendigo (Karen Montejac), who looks like Jaqulines twin (or even might be Jaqulin in her human form. She acts as if she doesn't recognize Twist, but that might be to keep her cover intact, since afaik Sasquatches cannot camopuflage like this)

2. Sasquatches are black to dark brown, not white QUOTE "They stand almost 3 meters tall and weigh approximately 300 kilograms, with black to dark brown body hair growing to gray and silver tips as they age."

3.Wendigos however resemble Sasquatches, but they have white hair QUOTE" In one of the more extreme expressions of the disease, the afflicted is transformed into a troll-sized, white-furred humanoid that bears a passing resemblance to a sasquatch"
The only other explanation for her white hair would be that she is a Yeti, but taht would be far fatched, since nothing else about her says Yeti.

4. All Wendigos show strong shamanic abilities QUOTE   "And, regardless of previous Awakened status, all known examples have expressed shamanic ability (most often of Predator totems) that they use to blend into society and further their aims".

5. Sasquatches are not able to talk normally, but Wendigos are. So she needs a fake speech synthesizer to explain her being able to speak.  QUOTE  "Despite this mimicry, the Sasquatch seems to be unable or unwilling to learn or use a spoken language"                   

6. I can't see another reason for this fake speech synthesizer. Wendigos however have to be really careful that nobody finds out what they are, since they are usually hunted down and killed when anybody finds out what they are (For example Estios want to hunt down and kill Janice, Twists Sister, at the end of "Choose your enemies carefully", and the other runners can only be convinced not to help him after Twist excplains that she is his sister and has only acted this way since she was under Hyde-White's (aka Dan Shiro and he has other aliases as well) bad influence). So they have to extra careful, and a fake speech synthesizer makes perfect sense as part of their cover.

7. Why should a shaman even where a datajack ? Datajacks and magic don´t mix very well (for example Twist gets a murder headache when he enters the matrix, and as his abilities awaken further, so do the negative side effects. They are so strong he avoids decking whenever possible), so any real datajack makes no sense on a shaman.       feyn137

Hi, welcome to {{SITENAME}}! Thanks for your edit to the '''TalkJaquline''' page.

Please leave a message on User talkDorle if I can help with anything! UserDorle (User talkDorle) 1847, January 22, 2014 (UTC)

Thank you very much, but so far I am fine. As for the edit, I am always happy to help on projects like this. I should thank you for all the hard work you puit into this to help us shadowrun fans, especially noobs like me. Without wiki's like this the world of shadowrun would be overwhelmingly complex, if you just get started. This has been extremely helpful to me, and so I am happy to give something back, to make it even more helpful in the future.  feyn137

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