'''Fukushima''' (''Fukushima-shi'') is the capital of '''Fukushima prefecture''' (''Fukushima-ken'').  Although Fukushima is located inland, the prefecture itself is home to several Pacific Ocean ports. The prefecture and city are named after Major General Fukushima, a distinguished hero of the Russo-Japanese War and believed to be the founder of the Kempei-Tai, the Imperial Japanese Secret Service. Prior to 1904, when the city was founded, the prefecture was originally part of a larger province, known as Mutsu province, which was one of the last regions on the island of Honshu to be held by the Ainu.

The city government, services, and public utilities of the city Fukushima are heavily controlled by Katakura Incorporated. SourceTokyo Sourcebook p.63-64 - City description, run by Katakura


*SourceTokyo Sourcebook

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