Free City of Constantinople

= Free City of Constantinople
(circa 2077) = 19,124,167= ?= ?= ?= ?= ?= ? = 5,628 km2 = Saeder-Krupp Middle East, Ares Macrotech, Mitsuhama, Global Sandstorm }} '''The Free City of Constantinople''', also known as '''Istanbul''', '''Byzantium''', or simply '''Constantinople''', is an independent city located on the border of Europe and Asia in Turkey. The commonwealth is known for trade and it's high number of mercenary organizations, like the 10,000 Daggers and the Grey Wolves. It has a Democratically Elected Council that runs its government. ==History== In 1999, Turkey applies to enter the European Union. 2009, Turkey is denied from entering the EU. 2011, the Awakening happens causing a number of radical regimes, like nationalists and religious extremists to begin to take hold in the government. After the Crash of 2029 an Islamic extremists was able to be elected as president. In 2036, Mulla Sayid Jazrir was assassinated in Istanbul. This caused the Alliance for Allah to fracture creating a civil war in Turkey between the nationalist Neo-Ataturk in the west and the Alliance for Allah in the east.{{src}} p.131{{src}} p.59 In October 21, 2042,{{src}} p.60 Istanbul, getting caught in the cross fire of the Turkish civil war declared independence. It was immediately recognized by Ukraine, who moved warships from the Black Sea to support the city. At this time the city also renamed itself back to Constantinople. Saeder-Krupp opened it's Middle East Headquarters in the city at this time. Ukraine also attempted to annex the city to gain control of the Black Sea, but ultimately failed. A local law enforcement company called the "Polis" are formed to police the city. In August 7, 2045,{{src}} p.63 a large earthquake hits Constantinople destroying and damaging a number of ancient artifacts and buildings. Around this time, the commonwealth is still being besieged by terrorists and getting caught up in the Turkish civil war. The Constantinople government hires the 10,000 Daggers to help stop the terror attacks. In 2056, after a daughter of a council member went missing, it was discovered that there was a large infestation of Insect spirits under the city. Ares Macrotechnology hired a number of Kurdish mercenaries and was able to wipe out the hive before it was too late. After Crash 2.0, Aksakal Teks rebuild Constantinople's Matrix. In 2067, Bosphorus Bridge is destroyed. The Uskudar district of the city was blamed and it's political power was suspended. Sometime before 2077Runner Havens takes place in 2071 and the Turkish civil war is still raging. By 2077 in Cutting Aces, the war is over. the Turkish civil war comes to an end. Ankara and the Neo-Ataturks send representatives to Constantinople to have it rejoin Turkey. The council, with help of the New European Economic Community and Ukrainian Warships the city was able to remain independent. At around this time 10,000 Daggers end their contract with Constantinople and the council replaces them with the Grey Wolves. ==References== ==Comments== There is contradicting information on the name of the city, but for this article, it's called the "Free City of Constantinople" after the entry in {{src}}. References to the song ''WikipediaIstanbul (Not Constantinople)(Not Constantinople)'' can be found in many of the sourcebooks when talking about the free city. ==Index== *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 48-84 *{{src}}, 39, 42, 100 *{{src}} *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 25, 82 *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 119, 130-3, 136 *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 94, 100, 113, 114, 115-6, 119, 126, 199, 200, 220, table 227, 228, 230, map 96 *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 64-65 *{{src}}, 144 *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 66, 78, 80 *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 108 *French Touch CategoryCities CategoryMiddle East deKonstantinopel frConstantinople