Franklin Yeats

*'''Name''' General Franklin Yeats
*'''Race''' Human
*'''Running Mate''' Anne Penchyk
*'''Race''' Ork
*'''Party''' Republican
*'''Campaign Slogan'''  "Rebuild America"

'''Franklyn Yates''' is one of the candidates for the UCAS Presidential Election 2057.

A retired UCAS Army general, Franklin Yeats left military service for the private sector in the early 2040s and has worked since then as a “military advisor” for several corporations.  He has also traveled the public-lecture circuit and written several popular books on his experiences in the military during some of the harrowing formative years of the UCAS.  Yeats is Collin Power after he left the Joint Chiefs of Staff - Intelligent, reserved, honorable and popular precisely because he does not seem like a politician.

General Yeats has made Bug City his personal cause celebre, Chicago is his home town; the General only escaped Imprisonment in the Chicago Containment Zone because he happened to be in DeeCee when the whole mess happened.  General Yeats has strongly criticized the UCAS government’s treatment of the crisis and advocates quick, decisive action to end the deadlock between the UCAS military and the bugs.

Yeats’ running mate is his longtime friend Anne Penchyk, an ork who served two terms as a UCAS Representative from Wisconsin.  Before that, she founded and ran her own marketing consulting business in Milwaukee.  She is a savvy spokeswoman for metahuman rights and an economic progressive who maintains that peace and prosperity go hand in hand.  

Yeats is a hawk and makes few apologies for it.  His platform calls for rebuilding the shattered nation of America, that once shining star of freedom and liberty. As the first step toward this goal, Yeats supports building the weakened UCAS military back up to strength, thereby also creating more jobs via huge military contracts and expenditures plus increased demand for support personnel. Yeats advocates reunification with California, by force if necessary, and most people believe that he intends to follow up a successful annexation of the California Free State by sending the tanks rolling into the CAS or NAN territory.

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