Frank Hardy

'''Frank Hardy''', full name '''Francis Eamon deValera Hardy''', is a fomor, a troll metavariant that is usually found in Tir na nOg and England. He is most well known for being on the Draco Foundation's board of trustees, but he is also known for having advanced degrees in botany and for his company Silver Branch, formed in 2035, which markets hardy hybrid greens and has done business with the government of Amazonia. He is also magically active, allegedly a shaman. His birthdate is unknown, but he was born and raised on Prince Edward Island. He describes himself as a "wandering Celt far from home." He has a taste for fine pipe tobacco and the company of lovely women.

On August 1, 2073, during the first meeting of the Draco Foundation board of trustees following Nadja Daviar's return and Aina Dupree's death in DeeCee, Hardy was elected to serve as the vice chair of the board. Prior to this, Dupree has been the first and only vice-chair of the board before becoming acting chair upon Daviar's disappearance.

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