Ford Motors

'''Ford Motors''', sometimes known as '''Ford Motor Company''' or '''FoMoCo''', is an automobile manufacturer based out of Dearborn, Michigan, UCAS. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporate in 1903 and is historically known as the first moving assembly line using pre-made, interchangeable parts, which allowed Ford to mass-produce automobiles.

In the second half of the 21st Century, Ford is the last of the Big Three American automakers to remain an independent entity, with WikipediaChrysler merging with WikipediaNissan to form Chrysler-Nissan and WikipediaGeneral Motors being bought out by Ares Macrotechnology, and it remains so by playing the rivalries between Ares and Chrysler-Nissan. However, it is believed that Ford Motor Company may be owned, at least partially, by an offshore holding company in the Caribbean League.

Ford Motors has diversified by expanding into the vehicle components industry and the growth of Ford's presence in the international market via the European Motor Company, an umbrella holding company that owns various European motor brands such as WikipediaCitroën, WikipediaJaguar (car), WikipediaOpel, WikipediaPeugeot, WikipediaLand Rover Range Rover, and WikipediaŠkoda Auto, and the procurement of Asian automakers WikipediaMazda and WikipediaKia Motors. By owning 51% of the EMC Holding Ford Motors has his own corporate district - Köpenick - in Berlin (Allied German States) since the end of Anarchy in 2055/56. Ford Motors also holds exclusive contracts for manufacturing certain vehicle lines for DocWagon and Lone Star.

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