Fluorescing Astral Bacteria

'''Fluorescing Astral Bacteria (FAB)''' is genetically engineered awaken bacteria used in a veriety of manatech.
Strain I is highly sensitive to astral forms and will die if coming in to contact with one. UV light combined with FABI can reveal the locations of astral forms.
Strain II similar to strain I can reveal astral forms when exposed to UV light. However is less sensitive to astral forms passing through it and will not die. It will however slow the movement of any astral form attempting to pass through it.
Strain III is the weaponized varient of FAB. It actically seeks out active astral forms–as well as the awaken–to drain them of magic. It can only effect those in astral space, so any mage or shaman who does not astrally perceive or project will be safe from the magic drain, however the bacteria will linger on them waiting for them to become astrally active. If it attaches to an dual natured being, such as a ghoul, they will be slowly drained of their magic and increase the strength and size of the cloud of FABIII.

If FABIII can not find a source of magic to drain, it will begin to starve to death; which can take several weeks.

FABIII can live longer in high levels of background count.
===Project Aegis===
Aegis is an early prototype of FABIII made by Telestrian Industries before it was sold to Ares Macrotechnology.

==Manatech Implementation==
*Ambient Magical Potentiometer (AMP) – A device designed to detect background count.
*Esprit “Petite Brume” Grenade – A grenade filled with FAB-IIb designed to impose visibility modifiers and slow astral movement.
FABIII was released in Chicago to control and kill the outbreak of insect spirits in the city. It had the unexpected effect of not dying within the predicted time frame and still lingers in Chicago's astral space in the 2070's.

Aegis appears as a central plot point in Shadowrun Returns.