First Nation

'''First Nation''' is an Amerind gang in Seattle.

Leader Blood-of-the-Buffalo

Membership Amerind-only

The First Nation gang claims turf along the docks north of the arcology, as well as some fo the Everett waterfront. The gang is made up entirely of Native Americans, led by a Salish elf named Blood-of-the-Buffalo. Their symbol is a raven flying over a howling coyote. The First nation are fiercely proud of the Native American Nations and their tribal heritage, but draw their backing from the yakuza (or so it is said), which has been supllying the gang with nuyen and weapons for years. The First Nations serve the Shotozumi-rengo as foot soldiers, and are struggling against the Choson Ring of the Seoulpa in Everett.

Falcon aka Dennis Falk was a former member of First Nation.


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