First Key of Power

The '''First Key of Power''' is an artifact that Dunkelzahn's Will bequeathed to either Tir Tairngire or Tír na nÓg, with the condition that one of the nations must publicly disclose the complete personal histories of all of their high government officials. So far neither nation has attempted to fulfill the request to obtain the Key of Power.

In 2061, the Unseelie Court attempted to obtain the key by publishing an unauthorized biography, but their claim was denied as the biography must come with the consent of the nation's leaders.

Sometime during 2074 the First Key of Power was stolen from the Draco Foundation.

The shape of the Key is unknown. However, it's power is to act as an additional member of a ritual spell casting when bound to the leader of the ritual.
The First Key of Power maybe an Earthdawn artifact; Keys to the Heart of Heroes.