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''Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America''
The '''Firedrake''' (''Neovaranus minimalis americanus'') is a lesser dracoform that grows up to 1.25 meters in length.  It has red-brown to light tan scales, with small red eyes.  It is well known for its ability to project flame.  They have a remarkable sense of hearing as well.

The firedrake is an aggressive carnivore that hunts small mammals, usually "cooking" its food with jets of flame.  The firedrake will kill even when not hungry, and will almost always attack intruders into its hunting area.  They live in small matriarchal family groups of up to eight individuals, preferring caves as lairs, especially those heated by volcanic activity.

It is rumored that firedrakes were genetically engineered.  Their taxonomy cannot be firmly established, as it appears to have sections of DNA from various lizards and dragons.  They live on the West Coast of North America.

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