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''Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America''
The '''Firebird''' (''Paradisia igni'') is a large Awakened hawk with orange-yellow plumage, and trailing wing and tail feathers of bright yellow.  They can reach a length of up to 1.0 meter with a 1.8 meter wingspan.

The firebird is an insectivore, picking out grubs and insects out of bark and rotting logs.  Firebirds tend to flock into groups of up to six individuals.  They are extremely territorial, although they tend to claim small territories of up to 10 meters from their nest.

The firebird is named because it is totally resistant to fire, and it seems to enjoy playing and dancing in large bonfires and flames.  Sometimes firebirds are seen with pheonixes or fire spirits, due to its love of fire and flame.  They are typically found along the Central regions of North America.

=====Related Species=====
The '''Siberian Firebird''' is a more portent version of its American cousin. Larger, carnivorous and more paranatural abilities, they are both more prized by talismongering poachers, and cursed by them since their abilities lead most poachers into traps.

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