Fayina Chernov

'''Name'''Fayina Chernov
'''Metatype''' Human
'''Age'''age 24

'''B'''4 '''Q'''5 '''S''' 3 '''I'''3 '''W'''5 '''C'''4 '''E'''5,3 '''R''' 4 '''PR'''3


'''Dice Pools'''

'''Active Skills'''Athletics 2, Stealth 3, Clubs (Stun Baton)3(5), Etiquette 3, Pistols 4, Submachine Guns 3, Assault Rifle 3, Unarmed Combat (Judo) 3(5), Interrogation(Torture) 1(3)

'''Knowledge Skills'''Installation Layout 2, Corporate Law 2, Security Procedures (corp)2(4), Poetry 3, Streetgangs 2,

'''Cyberware'''Datajack, Commlink, Cyber Ears (Amplifier, Improved Balance)

'''Gear'''Armor Vest with Plates 4/3, Security Helmet 1/2, AZ-150 Super Stun Baton, Ares Predator I, plastic restraints, medkit, security passkeys for installation, Kamikaze (one dose), three holo-images of siblings and son

'''Looks'''White short hair, kept in pigtails. She’s of average height for a human of caucasian origin, with pink skin and dead brown eyes.
Fashion She wears military style, corporate uniforms, even off duty. She also is a fan of tattoo poetry and has many depressive (and bad) poems tattooed to her skin she wrote herself. She also always wears gloves. She feels it gives her a sense of authority.

'''Personality''' She’s a humorous person who cares little about anything. She loves having fun and is very protective of her privacy. However, she's no slacker; she does have things in life that help her maintain focus and keep her feet on the ground. Her brother Emil is the most important thing in her life, as she has taken over raising him after her mother was killed in this car bomb attack a year ago.

Coming from the ranks of a tribe of urban sinkskins in a lower class part of the sprawl, Fayina had pretty few options to begin with. Her father Orlando (Born 43 years ago) died in service of a mercenary outfit somewhere in Yucatán; she has almost no memories of his. Her mother Isabel (Born 44 years ago) raised her and the following children pretty much by herself, though aided by the tribe and the money Orlando sent home. 
And, by the standards of families living in Gangland, they fared pretty wel. Noone of them got shot up in gang wars or harvested for organs. Well, except for her sister Cassidy, who fell in with the wrong kind of friends and has been sold off to a pimp. She’s missing, and the last letter she wrote arrived years ago. 
However, just last year, one year after Orlando was killed in action, Isabel was killed by terrorists, in a petty car bomb attack on a cyberclinic where she was cleaning out by some eco terrorist outfit. Since her other somewhat mature sister, Sheila, lives in another sprawl where she’s a trainee in a corporate education program, aiming to become a data worker, it’s up to Fayina to take care of the little ones, Saul (7 years) and Emil (5 years) now, though her sister sometimes sends her some spare cash – and she also has to take care of Saeed, the one twin of hers who lived. She loves her siblings dearly though, especially Emil, who is closer to her than anybody else ever was.

Fayina was a terrible bully at school. A bit tomboyish, she always hung out with a troupe of braqwlers and troublemakers. One of her favourite victims was Alyssa Watanabe, a Gnome female, who was age 5 when they first met. Fayina always teased her, and sometimes more. Often, Alyssa couldn’t stand it – but then again, she needed a friend at that time, and Fayina was bigger than her, strong, and could protect her from even worse schoolyard bullies (she had her nice sides back then, too). When Alyssa made it through highschool though (unlike Fayina, who failed), and got a decent job at Ares, she decided she had put up with the little people jokes of Fayina’s enough and got a restraining order out on her.
At 10, Fayina, desperate to make some money for her family, ran errands for an illegal op. She wasn’t caught, but she still fears this might come back to haunt her eventually. She continued running errands for the mobsters till she was 14.
During that time, she met An-Wen Chepchumba, ah human boy who was a year younger than she was then. As she helped him out more than once (he has a knack of getting himself into needless trouble), he owes her one. He might just be a day labourer now, but hey, better than nothing.
Her first lover was Sahale Poulsen, a human male, who at that time was age 76. The age difference apparently didn’t matter to him any more than to Fayina (who was 16 at the time), but it just didn't work out. Despitre the fact that he’s since gone senile, she still loves him and goes visit hi9m in his retirement home as often as she can.
Whether the pregnancy was from Sahale’s or one fo the one-night stands she had when they split, Fayina never knew. It was an accident, however, and put even more strain (and one more mouth to feed) onto the family. She kept child Saeed regardless; the other twin was born dead though, and unceremoniously given away to the tribe elders. Fayina doesn’t want to think of the fact that they likely sold the dead child (and afterbirth) off to a street doc who’d harvest them for stem cells.
At 18, Fayina was involved in a Shadows op, and one that paid off well too - helping a corporate exec switch employers in a hurry. She gained some contacts with the security of the corp where the suit was extracted to then, too, which helped her get herself set up in a real job – corporate security.
And she got to know Yoshiyuki Pan, a human male of 16 (he learned the profession from his father’s, who tragically died ina shootout). He’s the local “doctor” her tribe goes to, but in realit, he’s little more than an organ harvester. Since she yelled and screamed at him a lot over his way of making money, he tries to avoid her, but they have to work together frequently anyway, as Fayina is now in charge of corporate security in a nearby local factory where Yoshiyuki is employed as a plant doctor. 
Jacy Bae, human and 36, is a different affair. She got to know him when she did that shadow op, he was the driver then. They instantly liked each other and kept contact after that. Most of the time, Jacy drives a cab. He is a friend, one of the few Fayina has.
At 21, she found a longer-term partner again. She wants a father figure for her younger siblings and Saeed now, and really could use some extra money too. Shaman MunozHuman male, was age 20 seemed like a good choice at first. Too bad he was overly jealous and wanted her to stay at home, something she might even have done otherwise (none likes to work corp security, the pay is shit and you get shot at by street scum every bloody day), but couldn’t afford in any way. The breakup went reasonably smoothly though, and they’re just friends now. He comes over watch over the kids when Fayina is at work, and they try to coordinate shifts (he’s an industrial worker) so that always at least one of them is with them. 
At work, not all things went well the last year for Fayina. Especially an arrogant human male named Sung-Uk Hlavacek are mobbing her massively. That he does demolitions doesn’t quite help either. He’s with the elite guards and keeps speaking foul of Fayina behind her back, preferredly to her superiors. She has long been in line for promotion, and less senior guards have already surpassed her. But so long as he keeps trying to sabotage her, she won’t go anywhere.

Maybe it’s time she did something about that.
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