Fantasy Productions

'''Fantasy Productions Medienvertriebsgesellschaft GmbH''' (aka '''FanPro''' ) is a German game company based in Erkrath producing the German-language versions of ''Shadowrun''.

In 2001, when FASA closed, a sister company based in Chicago named '''FanPro LLC''' was founded. FanPro LLC initially licensed the rights to produce English-language ''Shadowrun'' books in early 2001.

From 2001 to 2005, FanPro LLC released over a dozen original Shadowrun titles and reprinted core titles that FASA had originally released. In 2005, FanPro LLC released Shadowrun, Fourth Edition. Likewise, FanPro LLC continued to release new Classic BattleTech books in English, and in 2006 released  '''Total Warfare''', the first in a series of revised full-color books for Classic BattleTech. FanPro GmbH continued to translate these books into German, along with German-only Shadowrun books. 

In 2006 internal production issues at FanPro slowed or halted the release of a number of books.  In 2007 WizKids transferred the licenses for both Shadowrun and Classic Battletech to Catalyst Game Labs.  In 2008 Catalyst released a number of books for both games, and continues to produce material for both games under licence from Topps (since Topps shut WizKids down as a separate entity).