* 3850 Las Vegas Blvd 
* Luxury Hotel, Casino, Nightclub / No racial bias / 
* LTG(28-5630) 
* Owner Joseph H. Thomasi

== Description ==
Looking like a fantasy castle (complete with drawbridge,
moat and ladies-in-waiting), Excalibur harkens back to the
legends of King Arthur. On the 117-acre site can be found
23 shops, an 890-seat amphitheater, two pools, a marriage
chapel, 7 restaurants (including Lance-A-Lotta Pasta), 6
theaters, bars, and 4,000 rooms.
The gaming area is over 100,000 square feet, including
2,600 slot machines, a crossbow arena and a separate
gladiatorial games viewing room. Excalibur also boasts its
own jousting arena. Minimum blackjack bet is 3¥ and poker
buy-in is 20¥.

''»This place is too chintzy for life. From the outside, it looks to be made from Legos.«''
— Born-To-Build (135345/1-4-52)

''»As you’d expect, all the guards here are in armor (chain or plate mail, that is) and carry archaic weapons. Be warned, the spears are tasers and under the plate is much tougher stuff. Beware of the head of security, named Merlin, natch. He keeps magical things under control. For some reason, not too many real mages come here. Too tacky, I guess.«''
— Cooler (122559/1-15-52)

''»Excalibur’s system is sculpted to appear as Avalon, but in function is almost identical to Bally's.«''
— Bilbo (232916/2-24-52)

*Neo Anarchist's Guide to Any thing Else (NAGEE)

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