Ex Pacis

'''Ex Pacis''' (Ex Animo Pacis—From the Spirit of Peace) is considered by other Otaku as a “twisted” tribe. The tribe believes in a being known as the Dissonance, while rejecting the Deep Resonance. Many members of Ex Pacis are considered “twisted” by many of their peers, a problem believed to have stemmed from a complication in the transformation of the person into an Otaku. They generally live within their tribe, and are later recruited by Pax herself while traveling the matrix. Many members are also conditioned to fanatical loyalty to the tribe by the usage of drugs, BTLs, and psychotropic IC, all of which were copied from the tricks employed by Deus to create and control his Whites (called Transfiguration).

Ex Pacis spends most of its time recreating hosts and nodes so that dissonance pools are created. These dissonance pools are considered to be the polar opposite of Resonance wells. The reasons for these pools are unclear, but many speculate that they are being used in an attempt to create one or even more Ultraviolet hosts for Pax.

The Group is Led by Pax, a young woman who led Deus’s Whites in the SCIRE incident. Her lieutenants are Amor and Honos and the size of the tribe is unclear, but it seems to be very well established.

Ex Pacis recently came to the attentions of the hacker Puck, although it is unknown what the result of this was.

==Members of Note==
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