Eve Donovan

'''Eve Donovan''' is a Seattle fixer with a large and well-deserved reputation of being one of the best fixers in the Metroplex. She is described as youthful-looking, tall, and athletic. She has black hair cropped short and deep blue natural eyes. She sports a datajack and a cyber replacement left arm and left leg. Everything about her speaks of a cultured upbringing, a facade that often works to her advantage. She is known to be fanatically loyal to her current employer, a personal code that often places her in jeopardy or counter to her own interests. She is all business during a run and expects perfection from her employees, but she will never ask of them that she does not ask of herself first.

She was born in Switzerland just prior to the year of Goblinization. Her parents were crushed to death by a mob when she was ten, and she grew up as an orphan on the streets of Bern and Stuttgart. She moved to Seattle in her early twenties and built a solid reputation as a fixer. In 2047, she was nearly killed during a run in Aztlan when a heat-seeking missile destroyed the helicopter she was riding. A corporate debt had her brought to a cyberclinic, where her left arm and leg were replaced with cyberlimbs. She refused any enhancement to those limbs.

She has known ties with the King's Crimson street gang in Seattle.

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