Euskal Herria

=Euskal Herria
=Corporate-run Republic
Human 67%
Dwarf 15%
Orc 10%
6 % and
Elf only 2% =Gasteiz =Iker Lezabatxe =Unknown =€28,000 =Euro (€) (Nuyen accepted) }} '''Euskal Herria''' is a South European country. ==History== During the Crash of 2029 Basque separatists- with strong corporate backing- took advantage of the chaos that ensued to realise their long held ambitions and seceded from France and Spain, forming the independent nation of Euskal Herria.{{src}} p.47 ==Politics== The government is headed by a President and made up of the Congress and Senate with the seven member corporate Consejo-Económico acting in an advisory manner. Congress and the Senate introduce, debate and pass legislation with the President being left to take most decisions. Legally, the Consejo-Económico is only supposed to be able to propose draft legislation but a strong corporate presence thanks to their heavy support in the creation of the state has lead to their having a much larger influence. Ares Europe, Esprit, ESUS, Saeder-Krupp, Shiawase, Meridional and Zeta-Imp Chem currently make up the seven member Consejo. ==Economy== Besides the Corporations, that are part of the Consejo-Económico mentioned above, there's Krime, a local arms manufactorer, that specialises in firearms for larger metahumans, especially orks, trolls and their metavariants. ==Crime== ===Law enforcement=== Petrovski Security, a subsidiary of Mitsuhama Computer Technologies, holds the contract to provide national police service with its local branch Ertxantxa Police.{{src}} p.73 ==References== ==Index== *{{src}}, 63 infobox ''Infected-Friendly Nations'' *{{srcx}} {{src}}, 148, 162-163, 232, 233 *{{src}}, 47, 146 map *{{src}}, 73 *{{src}}, 35 ==External links== *{{Wikipedialong}} *{{Shadowiki}} CategoryCountries CategoryCountries of Europe deEuskal Herria frEuskal Herria
The 'New Jerusalem' and 'Lira Chadasha' parts, is that canon or just made up?

It showed up in Flak's update.  He has a track record of adding in new stuff and quoting either SoE or SoTA2064 as his source, but I don't have either available to confirm.  --UserMshieh 1317, 26 Oct 2004 (Eastern Daylight Time)

Actually that wasn't me- although the reply you replied to was. ) Seems I somehow accidentally saved over the previous guy's shadowtalk stuff. Someone else added the capital and currency stuff. - Flak