Esprit Industries

'''Esprit Industries''', headquartered in Paris, France, is the second largest French corporation. Its core business is military systems development, with other branches handling civilian electronics, oil, chemistry and infrastructures building.  Its CEO is Herbert de Vaucanson.

Esprit Industries started as a merger of GIAT, FN Herstal, and Thales.  Saeder-Krupp later acquired GIAT in 2038, giving it a seat on the board.  Monobe also acquired Fabrique Nationale, given it a seat on the board as well.  Esprit currently markets many successful and diverse military products, among them in 2062 the Thales-Raytheon military network monitoring and analysis electronic suite, the Agas cruise missile, and the SEPER personal armor (used by MET2000 and the French Foreign Legion).

Esprit's board is a mix of many opposing and conflicting interests.  The Chairman is André Fergern, a former French-Egyptian arms dealer who claimed the Chairmanship in 2058, and is reportedly connected to Aztechnology and French intelligence.  Two major corporations have seats on the board, from Saeder-Krupp and Monobe.  Mitsuhama, through its joint ventures with Esprit, also has some influence there, along with various militaries (national and private).

In 2073 Esprit Industries has become a subsidiary of Aztechnology. 

==Board of Directors==
first son of Queen Michelle Chou is member of Esprit's board of directors {{src}} ?

==Major Subsidiaries==
*Egis Services
*Esprit Electronics
*Panhard, SEPER

the manatech product ''Petit Brume'' {{src}} ?


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