'''Enwontzane''' are a dual natured, nocturnal, arboreal subspecies of sasquatch native to the forests of coastal West Africa. They are almost 3 meters tall, and typically mass more than 400 kilograms.

A documented expression of their dual-nature, is magical camouflage, making them especially hard to spot. Unlike the generally peaceful sasquatch, enwontzine regularly eat meat, and have been known to hunt prey as large as orks. This led to speculation that they were HMHVV infected, which had been disproven by 2059.

Enwontzane live in family groups of less than a dozen and can have up to one infant per year. As of 2060—despite their relation to sasquatches—they had not been formally recognized as sentient.

== Background ==
Based on their description—large intelligent omnivorous hominids that hunt and live in small groups—the Enwontzane seem to be an homage to the wikipediaMangani|''Mangani'' great apes which raised wikipediaTarzan.

There are real world cryptozoological references to as-yet-unidentified wild hominids in the jungles of Africa, known by a number of names including wikipediaAgogwe|''agogwe'', ''agogue'', ''agogure'', ''kakundakari'', ''kilombathere'', and ''sehiteis''. Most of the descriptions are of a hairy smaller-than-human species that would seem to be an africain variant of harumen in Shadowrun terminology.

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