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The '''Emilia Romagna''' is one of the various member states of the Italian Confederation.

Its Capital is Bologna.

In the beginning 70ies the Emilia Romagna is sightly smaller than the former Province of Emilia Romagna, which existed before the collapse of the old Italian nation. The former Province had incorporated the two Provinces of Ferrara and Modena, which have both become souvereign states by their own today.
Like the Republic of Tuscany, the Republic of Modena and the Republic of Ferrara the Emilia Romagna politically depends heavily on the Papal States and therefore doesn't oppose them.

The Emilia Romagna has a border in the north west to the Republic of Modena and in the North east to the  Republic of Ferrara. Its neighbor to the south is the Republic of Tuscany and in the south east it has a direct border to the Papal States. In the east the Emilia Romagna has a short coastal line to the Adria and therefor to the .

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