=Islamic Democracy
=Baruti Elgabri (President, 2072)
Hanif Zaidi (Prime minister, 2072) =Unknown =Unknown = }} '''Egypt''' ==Geography== The territory of the Egypt includes parts of the former nation of Sudan and former Libya. '''Climate''' Desert; hot, dry summers with moderate winters. '''Terrain''' Vast desert plateau interrupted by Nile valley and delta. ==Politics== Egypt is a moderate Islamic Nation, but has actually problems with the tribal politics of the bedouins. The nation is a merc market for participants in the Desert Wars. Egypt has a growing technomancer population since the patriarch of the Coptics welcomed the technomancers in December 2070.{{src}} p.72 AFRICAN NATIONS UPDATE © Outpost Report ==Economy== Egypt is a major touristic hotspot, but has actual problems because of the New Islamic Jihad. ===Corporate Presence=== *Saeder-Krupp ==Culture== ===Archeology=== A lot of alcheras occurred during the year of the comet along the historical / archaeological sites from Old Egypt. {{src}} p.72 ===Sports=== Egypt is participating in the soccer FIFA-World-Cup in Amazonia 2064 {{src}} ? ==References== ''This page forked from Wordman's The Sixth World A geographical index to the world of Shadowrun.'' ==Index== *{{src}} *{{src}} *{{src!}} 121 *{{src}} *{{src}} 41, 43, 131 *{{srcx}} {{src}} 114/116 *{{src}} *{{src}} 71, 72 *{{src}} *{{src}} 82, 112, 115, 158 *{{src}} 131, 160 *{{src}} 59, 94, 98, 100, 101, 109, 111 *{{srcx}} {{src}} 13 *{{srcx}} {{src}} 25, 95, 97, 106-107, 171 *{{src}} 72 *{{src}} 64, 104, 105 *{{src}} 184 *{{srcx}} {{src}} 156, 163 *{{srcx}} {{src}} 82 *{{srcx}} {{src}} 60, 93, 96 *{{src}} 21, 34, 35 *{{srcx}} {{src}} 147 ==External links== Submitted to the unpublished NERPS Neo-Anarchists’ Guide to the World. *{{Shadowiki}} CategoryCountries CategoryCountries of Africa deÄgypten frÉgypte plEgipt