Eastern Dragons

Eastern Dragons are dragons native to Asia.  They possess a lizard-like or serpentine shape with four limbs and dexterous four-fingered claws that are small compared to their body. Two horns project behind its eyebrows and two prominent "whiskers" extend from its nose.  Their scales vary in color patterns, but often appear as jade green.  Unlike their Western Dragon brethren, they lack wings. Despite this they are able to fly just as well as western Dragons. Their bodies are approximately 15 meters long, 2 meters in height at the shoulder, and possess a long tail of about 20 meters. Like reported of all four major species of dracoforms there are a group of Great Dragons, that are significantly larger.  

==Known Eastern Dragons==

===Great Eastern Dragons===
*Aden (Sirrush-Variant) {{src}} ?
*Lung {{src}} ?
*Masaru {{src}} ?{{src!}} ?
*Ryumyo {{src}} ?

===Other known Eastern Dragons===
*Bacunawa‎ ? {{src!}} ?
*Bai Zenzhu
*Chong chao (deceased) Shockwaves ?
*Marcupo {{src!}} ?
*Sawa‎ {{src!}} ?


*http//www.shadowrun4.com/resources/downloads/fanpro_shadowrun_shockwaves.pdf Shockwaves free Pdf-Download (shadowrun4.com) - part translation of the German-only campaign book "Schockwellen"

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