ESUS is a megacorporation headquartered in Paris, France. It primarily focuses on transport. Its subsidiaries includes SNCF (French national railway), EuroAir (airlines), Charger (freight), and it also has shareholding in Eurotunnel and EuroRail (the joint reservation and travel system of European railway companies). It also acquired several divisions of Alstom, manufacturing trains (especially the TGV), electrical equipment and construction of railways lines. It is part of the EuroRoutes building project.

ESUS was created by the amalgamation of several French public transportation companies, that the government effectively privatized, only retaining 28% of ESUS, which still makes it the single most important shareholders. Since it obtained AA rating from the Corporate Court, ESUS benefits from extraterritoriality applied to the railway and subway stations, airports and harbor terminals it operates.

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