ImageCritter Dzoo-Noo-Qua.jpg''Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America''

'''Dzoo-noo-qua''' is a troll or Metahumanity infected with HMHVV. Victims of the disease tend towards extreme expressions of their regenerative abilities - growing elaborately-twisting horns, spikes and a thick plating of dermal bone over much of their bodies. Dzoo-noo-qua have the enhanced senses, rapid regeneration, and chronic essence loss of other Metahumanity, but suffer only a mild allergic reaction to sunlight. And though all have been found to be non-sentient, the transformation grants them the ability to resist spells and some have been found to express other magical skills. Dzoo recover essence through the consumption of raw flesh and, like other Metahumanity, are able to spread the viral infection to Metahumanity - though most victims are consumed before this can happen.

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