'''Dzitbalchén''' was a feathered serpent, whose main claim to fame is that he is the only dragon to be convicted by a metahuman court and sentenced to death (sentence was successfully carried out).

He originally worked for Aztechnology, and was on bad terms with Ghostwalker. Later, he was implicated in a terrorist attack at Yucatan Peace Summit in 2064 that ended up in death of Aztechnology CEO Juan Atzcapotzalco. He was turned over to the Aztlan authorities by Pobre, the feathered serpent governor of the Yucatan and was executed at the Aztlan government. His execution has worsened Aztlan relations with a number of other dragons, and dragon-friendly powers such as Saeder-Krupp and Amazonia.

He had a rivalry with his sister, Zacualtipán, who nonetheless tried to rescue him from the execution.

His remains have been used for scientific study in Aztlan, best known for a widely publicized trideo of his autopsy carried out by University of Azatlán and Quetzacóatl Institute. Much of the findings have been kept secret, much to the ire of a number of other powers.

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