'''Dumpshock''' is a Shadowrun website that was started by fans of the game who later became freelance authors and developers of the game itself.

==Dumpshock Forums==
* http//forums.dumpshock.com/ Dumpshock Forums
The Dumpshock forums served as the de facto official Shadowrun forums until 2010, when Catalyst Game Labs launched their official forum.

Shadowrun authors and developers continue to be active at the Dumpshock forums, while also posting at the CGL forums.

==Dumpshock wiki==
* http//wiki.dumpshock.com/ Sixth World Wiki In game wiki set up by Adam Jury
This wiki stopped being maintained around 2010 and was incorporated ("transwikid") into this wikia in 2012.

==Other Dumpshock sites==
Dumpshock also serves as host for the following
* http//ancientfiles.dumpshock.com/ The Ancient Files by Robert Derie (aka Ancient History)
* http//tss.dumpshock.com/ The Shadowrun Supplemental online magazine by Adam Jury et al.
** PDF issues –6 (1997) no longer available online.
** http//tss.dumpshock.com/download.html PDF issues –19, BeCKs & ''Seattle 2063'' (1998–2004)
** Blog format updates for ''Seattle 2063'' (2004–2007)
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