Drug Enforcement Agency

Little if anything is known about this federal agency other than its status as an Intelligence Agencies, and presence within the UCAS Intelligence Community. It is currently one of several federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies operating within Seattle, where its offices are located inside the Seattle Federal Building.

It is suspected that the '''Drug Enforcement Agency''' ('''nDEA''') was created to deal with the resurgence of chemical narcotics as well as the emerging misuses of pharmaceutical drugs and controlled substances. With the UCAS having sold the '''Drug Enforcement Administration''' ('''DEA''') to Lone Star in the 2030s, the FBI and military had been left with what was left of federal counternarcotic operations, both domestically and internationally.

Before it was gutted and sold off the DEA had been a militarized paramilitary law enforcement agency that operated within the United States and abroad, going so far as to field its own fighter-interceptors for interdiction operations. Because of its extensive operations and collaborations within and alongside foreign governments, the DEA would have brought to the FBI an extensive intelligence-gathering operation of clandestine human intelligence and technical collection operations, as well as foreign-area analysts.

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