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The foundation’s headquarters are in Washington FDC, UCAS. It has also opened offices in Atlanta, Seattle, Denver, London, Hannover, Berlin, and Hong Kong. Since 11 November 2057, the Foundation is only open to public on the third of every month. This arrangement greatly facilitates the aforementioned investments, as the Foundation would only need to have cash reserves available on a single day each month.

's return from her nine-year disappearance, two members resigned. The vacancies left behind, as well as that resulting from Aina Dupree's death, prompted the board of trustees to form a search committee intended to fill those vacancies. Led by Former Presidents Betty Jo Pritchard (UCAS) and Ivory McCabe (CAS), the committee recommended and the board approved the appointment of Kristine Martin. Kristine Martin of the Genesis Consortium, Alexis Glimmerscale of the Children of the Dragon, and the Great Dragon Masaru. The board also approved the creation of a Board of Visitors as a permanent body the trustees may consult and who may act as non-manager representatives of the foundation.

The foundation also began major structural shifts. Daviar recommended and the board approved Rex Coll to be the new Executive Director, overseeing day-to-day operations. They also began to consolidate its assets and operations, closing many of its smaller offices and focusing on the larger offices in DeeCee, Seattle, Denver, Hannover, and a few others.

== Board of Trustees (2078) ==
*Nadja Daviar — Chair
*Frank Hardy — Vice-Chair
*Milo Czerda
*Grace Friel
*Kristine Martin. Kristine Martin
*Alexis Glimmerscale

== Former Trustees ==
*Aina Dupree (2057-73)
*Manuel Torres (2057-73)
*Midori Kanematsu (2057-73)

== Board of Visitors ==
* Carla Brooks
* Pulsar
* Ramon Dizon
* Sharon Chiang-Wu
* Jean-Marie Cross
* Betty Jo Pritchard(UCAS)
* Ivory McCabe(CAS)
* Jaume Pujol i Serra
* Nada Marquez
* Vitaly Mischenko
* Maura Edmonds

*The Clutch of Dragons, 39-45
*Conspiracy Theories
*Street Legends, 150-51


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