'''Dodger''' is the street name and Matrix moniker of an elven decker whose romantic attachment to the AI Morgan/Megaera provided the spark for her sentience.

Dodger was one of the many "spike baby" elves under the tutelage of Sean Laverty at the Xavier Foundation. He eventually broke off his ties from Laverty's inner circle and went to the shadows. He is known as one of the best deckers in the Seattle shadows, with a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for flowery language (he uses words such as "avaunt" and "forsooth") in a Charles Dickens-esque English accent (which contributed to his name). He prefers using an ebony-colored boy with a cloak of swirling stars as his icon.

Dodger is associated with Sam Verner"Twist" Verner and may have participated in a shadowrun against Telestrian Industries in 2054.

Dodger's escapades in the Renraku hosts brought him in contact with the entity that would eventually become the Artificial Intelligence Morgan. They began a romantic relationship, with Morgan fascinated by his capacity for compassion and self-sacrifice, and he being unable to draw himself away from her. His health deteriorated as he spent dangerously long times in the Matrix, which forced him to end their relationship, although they remained in contact. Dodger rescued Morgan from the Renraku Arcology, but not before she was shattered by what Renraku had done to her. She took the new name Megaera and followed Dodger everywhere she could. Dodger dedicated himself to restoring her to her former self and thus became involved with several organizations that targeted both Renraku and eventually the AI Deus. His survival after the Matrix Crash 2.0 was uncertain until he became a technomancer and turncoat from the shadows; he is now a ''white hat hacker'' for GOD as well as various nations and corporations.


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