Doctor Faustus Society

'''Doctor Faustus Society''' is a powerful magical organization in Germany.

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Dear Mystic!

I just saw, that you do alot of work here at the sixth world wiki. As your profile tells me, that you are from germany, you might want to do something at the german wiki "Shadowhelix". The Shadowhelix is in collaboration with this wiki, so I think this small advertisment ist OK.

Visit us at http//

Cheers, UserCyberDruid 1745, 28 Jun 2005 (EDT)

Hello, may you give me the Chapter of "Bug City" you translated? - I don't have any access to a english copy of the book and realy few money (Hartz IV, you understand?) - and it seems there is no chance of regular publication of the the German transcript these days. Please e-mail me under the following adress Many Thanks. --UserKarel 1028, 11 July 2008 (EDT)

Anyone else in the mood to talk about the novels a lot more?  I've managed to track down and buy all of them and in doing so I've found that the numbers on the spines of the books that I have are in a slightly different order than the order that FanPro lists.  I'm guessing that most of what FanPro lists as available or low-stock are reprints for which they changed the numbers....

I'd be interested in going in to all of this in more depth as long as this isn't me just talking to myself... D


==More Novels==

Here in germany we have some novels more, but I dont know if this is worth of notice here. A general overview did I found here http// (or more compact in the german wiki http// )

--UserDarklor 0104, 20 September 2008 (EDT)