'''Dmitri Korov'''

Korov was born to a small farmhouse on September 27th, 2043. His father, a politically maleficent UGB officer, ran a sort of camp for those wanted by the State. This man, Alexandrov Korov, taught Dmitri what it was to be a Russian, what it was to serve the Rodina with heart and soul, and, eventually, what it was to kill another man.Korov was young when it began. The first criminals transported to his father's ranch rather than to the cold, windswept steppes of Siberia. Sources state he was around five years of age when he first heard the screams of tortured men, the lash of the whip cracking over their backs. Those who have listened to his story will say that in these moments, lost in memory, Korov would break into tears, sobbing into his forearms for several moments before recomposing himself and going on.It was during this time, also, that his parents' relationship began to fall apart. At first, it was a quiet falling-out. A simple matter of reluctance to speak, to touch each other affectionately. Quickly, it became so that the two would rather not be seen together, that they would cease even the minutest of compulsory glances at each other. Dmitri would watch as his father's work ostracized him from his mother, and inwardly, he felt himself breaking in two. Would he side with the love, the compassion and fond memories of his mother? Or would his path take him down the merciless wreckage of human life that his father had become?

==Early Beginnings==
As his parents' relationship further collapsed, Dmitri found himself leaning farther towards his father -- outwardly. He identified with the man, and the hard, rough discipline his father had instilled in him demanded obedience to the Rodina, and thus, to Her senior officers; further, to his father. While, inwardly, Dmitri retained the compassion and strong loving characteristics of his mother, his silence on the matter probably contributed to what became one of the defining moments of his life.At the ripe age of eleven, Dmitri had begun his careers. Both of them. The first, his induction into the (Junior) UGB had him working most of the time on his father's "farm", rehabilitating the criminals that threatened the Rodina with their crimes. The "traitors and scum that the Rodina would be morally bankrupt with, were it not for us," as his father put it. The second career was something part-time, and mostly done in his basement.Dmitri had discovered the wonder of music, both electronic and acoustic. His mother had bought for him two things an old violin, worth thousands, and a miniature DJ's booth, both of which Dmitri studied at diligently when he wasn't out with his father. This love of music would later in life transform him into the legend that he is today.

==Moral Bankruptcy==
Dmitri began seeing a particular and peculiar change come over his father. As he grew older, Korov had begun to participate in the "sport" of Free Spirit Hunting that populated the Siberian steppes. He was gone for more and more months at a stretch, and occasionally, his father would join him. It was not uncommmon for people to disappear during these long hunts, and even less common for people to return unscathed. So it was that Dmitri earned his first combat experiences, fighting both the Spirits themselves as well as men warped and twisted by the Spirits' offers of monetary gifts. Then.. there were also the other hunters.Through all of this, Dmitri's life began to take on other changes. He was now nineteen years of age, and had begun his true career in the UGB, quickly advancing past the filing and folders and into straight fieldwork, which kept him in Moscow and Irkutsk. A lot of this kept him away from home, so that when he returned, it was for weeks at a stretch. It was during one of these stretches that his father was killed.He'd woken up to his mother's screams, and was drenched in sweat -- unable to comprehend whether the screams were in his dreams, or if they were real. It was then that another scream pierced his consciousness, forcing the man out of his bed. He took off, barefoot, through the house, and knew innately that his mother's pained yells were coming from the "farm". In Korov's time away, his father had taken heavily to drinking, and, as a side-effect, had begun to beat Korov's mother; Katerina, or "Katja".This time, though, he was taking it to a new sort of extreme, using the same bullwhip that he used on the excommunicated prisoners of the Rodina. Dmitri, upon seeing this, took off at a dead sprint, large arms wrapping around Alexandrov and forcing him to the ground. As anger forced his face red, the Siberian man took to beating his father with his fists, slamming blow after blow down across and into the drunken officer's mouth and head. Even after his father had long since died, Dmitri continued to pound fists into him, raining hell across his flesh.Several hours later, Dmitri had the presence of mind to look across at his mother -- who now lay dead; blood loss taking away her body heat and allowing the cold to pour into her bones.

==New Beginnings==
Dmitri buried his father and mother together beneath the layers of frost-hardened dirt on their farm. He reported his mother's death as that of an illness that had taken place many years ago (not such a lie, when you think on it) and his father's as a failed Hunt. The UGB accepted both deaths in their stead, and ordered Dmitri to Irkutsk, where he would begin both of his legends.In Irkutsk, it was common knowledge that the Yakut were planning to strike the Rodina. Daily, Yakut spies and double-agents were brought in, questioned, and slaughtered. They were impaled on spikes across the Russian-Yakut borders. While it was hoped that this would deter the shapechangers, it was unknown that an as-yet unseen Free Spirit was commanding the Siberians, and that this Spirit would grow more daring before it was over.Korov lead the outpost at Irkutsk, transforming what was a group of drunken Russians into a highly trained, civilized unit of investigators. They made daily excursions, masked, into the Yakut homeland, getting in with the shapechangers, and learning of their plans. Russian spies were killed, found out to be moles, and executed daily. It was common knowledge that Dmitri Korov was a wanted man in the Siberian steppes, and that a bounty had been placed on his head, hundreds of thousands of roubles high. It was for this reason that Dmitri continued to make excursions into the cold steppes.

This page is designed and created to give information about the now-deceased, non-canon character Dmitri Korov.

Dmitri Korov was created by one Sean Goembel for use in the campaigns of the Multi-User Dimension http//www.awakenedworlds.net Awakened Worlds. This creation was meant to be temporary, as were most of the characters Sean made at that time, but the character stuck, and quickly rose to a level of 'stardom' in Sixth World Seattle. This Character first was placed in the Sixth World Wiki, but was unwanted there, as if all non-cannon material is.
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