Dick Oz Oswald

'''Name''' Dick "Oz" Oswald '''Metatype''' Ork


Body (9) Agility (7) Strength '''Special Stats'''

Edge (10) Passes (3)

Physical Damage Meter '''Qualities'''

'''Positive''' Guts, Toughness.

'''Negative'''Sensitive Neural Structure, SINner (UK), Addiction (Moderate, Alcohol), Addiction (Mild, Simsense)


'''Active Skills''' Fire Arms 4, Dodge 2, Heavy Weapons (Machine Guns) 4(+2), Throwing Weapons 3, Unarmed Combat 3, Athletics Skill Group 2, 
Perception 2, Ettiquette (Military) 2(+2), 
Leadership (Tactics) 2(+2), First Aid (Combat Wounds) 1(+2), Pilot Ground Craft (Wheeled) 1(+2).

'''Knowledge Skills''' Military Service 5, Military History 3, Soccer 3, UK Politics 2, Global Conflicts 3.

'''Language Skills''' English (N), Spanish 2.


Commlink (Erika Elite, w/Iris Orb OS and a Sim Module), Cybereyes (2) (w/Image Link, Eye Recording System, Low-light Vision,Thermographic Vision, Flare Compensation and Smartlink), Sound Link
, Aluminium Bone Lacing, Touch Link, Wired Reflexes (2)


(Name) (type) (Damage) (AP) (Mode or Reach) (Notes)

Ares Predator /BF/FA (w/Integral Smartlink, Imaging Scopes and 10 clips of regular rounds)

Ingram White Knight /FA (w/Integral Smartlink and 2 100-round belts of regular rounds

High Explosive /m '''Armor'''

Urban Camouflage suit 8/6,

10 Simsense Recordings, Big bottle O'whisky, Legal SIN and legal licenses to drive, Legal licenses for all cyberware and to use both weapons, Fake SIN (3), Binoculars, Wire Clippers, Miniwelder, Gas Mask, GPS, Medkit (4), Basic DocWagon Contract (1 year), Middle Lifestyle (3 months).


Bartender (Connection 3/Loyalty 2)

Arms Dealer (Connection 4/Loyalty 1)

Note Natural Low-Light Vision lost due to implants
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