Devil Jack Diamond

''Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America''
The '''Devil Jack Diamond''' (''Litholepis adamanticus'') is the Awakened form of the pike (''Esox lucuis''), cousin of the muskie (''Esox masquinongy'').  It grows to the enormous length of 3.0 meters, and a mass of 150 kilograms, although some specimens growing even larger have been reported.

The Devil Jack Diamond primarily feeds on other fish, floating at the surface of the water.  The name comes from Oregonian lumberjack legends of a fish that would pretend to be a log to eat unsuspecting lumberjacks who tried to roll it.  The creatures are aggressive and seem to be enraged by commotion or noises in the nearby water.

They live primarily in the Mississippi River delta and its tributaries.

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