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'''Detroit''' or the '''Greater Detroit Metropolitan Complex''' is located in the state of Michigan, in the UCAS. Site of the global headquarters for Ares Macrotechnology, parent company of Knight Errant Security Services, Detroit is prosperous and one of the safest cities in the UCAS. It is held up as a model of balanced civic and corporate governance, with a mere two percent unemployment rate according to the 2070 census.{{Src}}, p.195

After the formation of the UCAS, the formerly Canada city of Windsor became a district of the Detroit metroplex in 2032.{{Src}}, p.53

In 2046 Ares sponsored a citywide celebration for the 150th anniversary of automobile manufacturing in Detroit, commemorating the completion of the Ford Quadricycle, the first experimental motor car built by Henry Ford in 1896.{{Src}}, p.48{{Src}}, p.64https// Wikipedia Ford Quadricycle

Detroit is located on the eastern border of the state of Michigan along the Detroit River, north of Lake Erie. The Greater Detroit Metropolitan Complex stretches north to Sterling Heights, northwest to Pontiac, west to Dearborn and Plymouth, south to the former Canadian city of Windsor (across the river) and "downriver" to Wyandotte.{{Src}}, p.53

A recently completed eight-meter-tall wall surrounds the entire metroplex. The riverside skyline is dominated by Ares Macrotechnology's global headquarters, located in Knight Plaza, formerly Hart Plaza.


===Corporate presence===
*Ares Macrotechnology global Headquarters 
*General Motors (GMC)
*Stoner-Ares Weapon Systems Headquarters {{Src}}, p.61


Detroit lies on the "Ares Screw" smuggling route.{{Src}}, p.82, 89 map


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